Hi, I’m Missy, an Audit Member in the Atlanta office, specializing in employee benefit plans. Two things that motivated my transition to Warren Averett were the people and the resources available at the Firm. While at work, you will find me researching client issues, reviewing financial statements and looking for a Snickers candy bar! What I like most about my job is my team, the flexibility and most importantly, the support I get from other Members. When I’m not working, I am running marathons with my kids.


  • I have two beautiful children who both swim competitively and run cross country.
  • If I could live anywhere, it would be closer to my family in New Orleans. I miss the culture, and it’s closer to LSU games!
  • My favorite part of the Warren Averett Client Service Principles is Ascertaining Satisfaction. I always want to know where I can improve.

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